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Chip time Participant
3:41:01Oleg Voronin
3:40:49Maria Whitehead
3:01:55Annemarie Grealish
3:01:56Debby Mackay
3:01:54Sharyn Hoerara
3:29:05Hannah English
3:24:48Julia Carter
2:50:39Jo Kovacs
2:50:38Cathy Price
3:19:53Jason Southan
3:18:38Shaun Lawrie
3:13:38Sarah Jantscher
3:12:07Marketa Langova
3:09:45Katherine Bethell
3:07:38Peter Mcfarlane
2:34:12Helen Majorhazi
3:04:40Kath Littler
3:04:20karen Jenkinson
3:04:15David Sinkins
3:03:40Carolyn Last

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