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Chip time Participant
3:39:35Michelle Moore
3:39:34Katie Knight Harrison
3:39:33Ange Nicol
3:39:31Nicola Gray
3:53:10Toni Jack
3:47:59April Peszel
3:46:07Miranda Lintott
3:42:04Katherine Bethell
3:04:29Kathryn McKinnon
3:04:24Jacquie Harper
3:04:22Abigail Milburn
3:38:38Ilse Vermeulen
3:36:54Sarah Jantscher
3:00:09Des Kelly
3:34:21Sam Turner
3:33:11Camilla Brent
3:28:35Megan Kortink
2:52:22Sarah Jaggs
3:21:55Hilary Fowler
2:46:13Helen Majorhazi

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