Bibno. Participant CategoryDistance
101Cameron Gordon(M) Under 15Individuals
102Doug Gordon(M) 40 to 49Individuals
103Stella Hammond(F) 18 to 19Individuals
104Karen Hunt(F) 60 to 69Individuals
105Rosara Davis(F) 15 to 17Individuals
106Vincent Chow(M) 30 to 39Individuals
107Paul Cropp(M) 60 to 69Individuals
108Hannah Jepson(F) 30 to 39Individuals
109Maggie Kou(F) 30 to 39Individuals
110Amogh Tyagi(F) 15 to 17Individuals
111Gyan Tyagi(M) 15 to 17Individuals
112Yug Tyagi(M) 18 to 19Individuals
113Peter Clark(M) 50 to 59Individuals
114Andrew Parsons(M) 40 to 49Individuals
115Sam Mayhew(M) 30 to 39Individuals
116Glen Maria(M) 40 to 49Individuals
117IRONMIKE - Michael Alfred Joshua Stowers(M) 50 to 59Individuals
118Mike Trees(M) 60 to 69Individuals
119Rieko Trees(F) 40 to 49Individuals
120Isla Westlake(F) 18 to 19Individuals
121Caitlin Windress(F) 20 to 29Individuals
122Linda Collard(F) 60 to 69Individuals
123Malcolm Elley(M) 60 to 69Individuals
124Ben Chidgey(M) 40 to 49Individuals
125Taryn Ryan(F) 30 to 39Individuals
126Irene Santos(F) 40 to 49Individuals
127Georgina Lincoln(F) 40 to 49Individuals
128Maggie Ward(F) 70 to 79Individuals
129Sophie Hogan(F) 20 to 29Individuals
130Peter Kadar(M) 30 to 39Individuals
131Anna Macgregor(F) 40 to 49Individuals
132Ryan Williams(M) 20 to 29Individuals
133Georgia Oxley(F) 20 to 29Individuals
134Russell Troy(M) 60 to 69Individuals
135Kate Holtmeier-Dickens(F) 40 to 49Individuals
136Liam Bird(M) 20 to 29Individuals
137Jaroslav Bobak(M) 40 to 49Individuals
138Isla Nixon(F) 70 to 79Individuals
139Mila Laarakkers(F) 15 to 17Individuals
140David Metcalfe(M) 40 to 49Individuals
141Garth Barfoot(M) Old timersIndividuals
142Ashley Lake(M) 50 to 59Individuals
143Sam Robinson(M) 30 to 39Individuals
144Mark Robinson(M) 60 to 69Individuals
145Penny Elliott(F) 40 to 49Individuals
146Adam Daigneault(M) 40 to 49Individuals
147Stephen Farrell(M) 60 to 69Individuals
148Jonathan Simpson(M) 50 to 59Individuals
149Terry Jack(M) 40 to 49Individuals
150Craig Gregory(M) 50 to 59Individuals