Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

ParticipantLapsTime of day
Ryan Hunt101:36:42 PM
Dan Hunt101:36:41 PM
Moose Moose101:36:39 PM
G Moller111:36:25 PM
Matt Disney111:36:03 PM
Stuart Stent101:35:47 PM
Cameron Wood111:35:42 PM
George Powell111:35:33 PM
Jeremy Bray101:35:22 PM
Bryce Lorcet111:35:15 PM
Wade Jennings111:34:53 PM
Ben Wilton101:34:44 PM
Andy King101:34:15 PM
Thomas Guldborg91:33:52 PM
Sole Finding111:33:49 PM
Jamie Harbour111:33:28 PM
Wayne Hiscock111:33:21 PM
Callum Kennedy111:33:18 PM
Judy Cheng101:33:17 PM
Sergio Gameiro Junior101:33:04 PM