Bibno. Participant CategoryDistance
1018Mila Laarakkers(F) Under 15Individuals
1170Jacey Cropp(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1176Paul Cropp(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1190Mika Ballantyne(F) 30 to 39Individuals
1191Glen Maria(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1192Conor Pendergrast(M) 30 to 39Individuals
1193David Metcalfe(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1250Karen Hunt(F) 60 to 69Individuals
1251Liam Bird(M) 20 to 29Individuals
1252Ben Chidgey(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1253Penny Elliott(F) 40 to 49Individuals
1255Nicola Farmer(F) 30 to 39Individuals
1256Jordan Botha(M) 18 to 19Individuals
1257Sam Goldstine(M) 20 to 29Individuals
1258Rob Wylie(M) 70 to 79Individuals
1259Paul Lagerman(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1260Maggie Ward(F) 70 to 79Individuals
1261Mike Cochrane(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1262Peter Clark(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1263IRONMIKE - Michael Alfred Joshua Stowers(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1264Andrew Parsons(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1265Caitlin Windress(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1266Georgia Oxley(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1267Cameron Maunder(M) 15 to 17Individuals
1268Ashley Lake(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1269Chris Kidd(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1271Abi Griffin(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1272Jamie Maunder(M) 15 to 17Individuals
1273Russell Troy(M) 60 to 69Individuals
1274Garth Barfoot(M) Old timersIndividuals
1275Billy Bowman(M) 20 to 29Individuals
1276Mark Robinson(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1277Jaroslav Bobak(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1279Chris Weeks(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1280Peter Kadar(M) 30 to 39Individuals
1281James Brown(M) 40 to 49Individuals
1282Malcolm Elley(M) 60 to 69Individuals
1283Dion Wallwork(M) 15 to 17Individuals
1284Mark Craig(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1700Isla Westlake(F) 15 to 17Individuals
1701Yug Tyagi(M) 15 to 17Individuals
1702Jay Davies(M) 30 to 39Individuals
1703Linda Collard(F) 50 to 59Individuals
1704Iris Heins(F) 30 to 39Individuals
1705Natasha Bowyer(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1706Anna-Marie Garnett(F) 20 to 29Individuals
1707Jeremy Child(M) 30 to 39Individuals
1708Matthew Earley(M) 50 to 59Individuals
1709Maylene Barrett(F) 40 to 49Individuals
1710Harry McLoughlin(M) 20 to 29Individuals