Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

ParticipantLapsTime of day
Lea Smith102:39:46 PM
Devan Simmonds102:39:45 PM
Kyle Malone102:39:44 PM
Rob Kilvington112:39:08 PM
Kent Wilson102:38:53 PM
Sam Fisher112:38:51 PM
Ed Barton102:38:38 PM
Jamie Todd92:38:35 PM
Adam Francis112:38:25 PM
Tristan Thomas102:38:22 PM
Mark Donald102:38:18 PM
Dan Hunt102:38:12 PM
Sam Nelson92:38:10 PM
Thomas Guldborg102:38:06 PM
Nicholas Kennedy112:38:03 PM
Gary Moller102:37:34 PM
Matt Sharland102:37:34 PM
Callum Kennedy112:37:28 PM
Jamie Harbour102:37:17 PM
Hayden Storrier102:37:10 PM