Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Chip time Participant
2:26:42Callum Mackay
2:26:43Donna Mackay
2:08:29Mona Oliver
2:02:42Tamsen Walker
2:02:41Evan Pinfold
1:57:01Bethany Walker
1:57:01Lisa Kynaston
1:56:53Nicola Barry
1:56:50Amanda Blunt
1:56:08Peter Mcfarlane
1:54:21Tony Gormley
1:39:47Emilie Campbell
1:39:46Philip Hawthorne
1:38:52Soren Dodson
1:38:52Ragnar Anderson
1:52:17Annie Broughton
1:37:31Brad Campbell
1:37:30Emma Hawthorne
1:35:38Ewen McDonald
1:35:37Emiliia McDonald