Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Chip time Participant
1:17:10Fergus Doolan
1:04:45Helen Majorhazi
1:03:55Claire Jennings
1:03:19Laura Feasey
58:51Leonie de Garnham
59:34Sam Haines
59:03Graham Biggs
57:34Pamela Lee
57:22Lizzi Elton-Walters
57:54Gregor Coster
56:25Fiona Macmaster
53:49Angela Campbell
52:42Keryn Morgan
53:35Aaron Gill
52:12Emma Passmore
53:05Neil Wilson
52:36Andrew Park
51:27Tara O'Connor
50:56Kirsty Bullard
50:50Tricia Sloan

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