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Participant Finish time
Liana Gerbes1:42:59
Sherry Majors1:42:14
Jane Lee1:35:14
Samara Eggers1:31:50
Louise Shambrook1:29:58
Phil Whyman1:29:35
Sean Selkirk1:23:50
Richard Farquhar1:23:38
sarah lee1:22:02
Tia Mckenzie1:21:49
Hannah McLeod1:21:16
Gary Fazackerley1:20:23
Bridget Lodge1:19:20
Naomi Ruth Fergusson1:19:09
Danny Eagleton1:18:07
Katelyn Garbes1:17:50
Mike Bond1:17:07
Sophie Hogan1:16:42
Philip Doolan1:16:40
Trevor Crawley1:15:21

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