Vermont 100 Endurance Race 2022


Pos.Finish time Participant
10126:14:58Christopher LeForce
10226:18:55Matthew Beland
10326:20:19Harold Sheffery
10426:22:54Lynn Poyant
10526:23:49David Curry
10626:25:33Jeremiah Nemechek
10726:26:42Richard Garro
10826:29:30Eric strong VI
10926:30:06Fanny Barrette
11026:30:10Eric Thorne
11126:32:18Catherine Markesich
11226:38:14Chung-Man Tam
11326:40:04Tom Hooper
11426:44:40Brian Schwartz
11526:46:03Derek MacDonald
11626:46:50Janessa Taylor
11726:53:50Mary Arnold
11826:55:48Greg Rooke
11927:02:08Richard Loud
12027:03:33Wayne Chan
12127:03:43Janice Anderson
12227:07:41Adam Neel
12327:08:53Steven Turner
12427:10:53Leanne Sorrento
12527:15:47David Baird
12627:21:04Jean-Marc Boudreau
12727:30:21Todd Law
12827:31:53Teresa Harvey
12927:34:34Jason Koomen
13027:36:07John Sheedy
13127:37:55Yejun Xu
13227:42:56Keith Straw
13327:46:33Ryan Powers
13427:46:52Maggie Poniatowski
13527:47:02Anthony Flynn
13627:50:32Grzegorz Klepadlo
13727:50:34Magdalena Sidor
13827:54:50Anthony Amato
13927:56:36Enrique Rodriguez
14027:57:24Angie Hawley
14128:02:22Brendan Pytka
14228:05:40Joseph Bearss
14328:09:28Tom Page
14428:10:10Jeff Rowthorn
14528:10:17Matt Lowe
14628:11:03Scott LaPlante
14728:12:03Sean Maggs
14828:12:33Kim Hooper-Stanley
14928:17:07Nicole Hopkins
15028:17:49Eli Burakian

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: [email protected]