Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

ParticipantLapsTime of day
Mark Hussey101:32:01 PM
Judy Cheng91:31:34 PM
Jeff Lyall91:30:53 PM
Rob Batt91:30:04 PM
Stuart John Fox91:29:52 PM
Rob Gould51:29:39 PM
Dan Hunt91:28:34 PM
Wade Jennings81:28:11 PM
Wayne Hiscock101:27:59 PM
Ed Barton91:27:58 PM
Matt Disney91:27:53 PM
Iain McIver91:27:39 PM
Jason McCarty91:27:39 PM
Todd Maddock91:27:32 PM
Mike O'Neil91:27:12 PM
Jamie Harbour81:27:06 PM
Gary Moller91:26:49 PM
Nicholas Kennedy101:26:28 PM
Greg Murison91:25:53 PM
Brendon Sharratt101:25:23 PM