6 September 2020

Online entry has now closed. We have limited availabilty for on the day entries in B, C, E, & Womens grades only.

This event is open to all riders aged 18 & over. Our usual Grading policy is Masters Age grades (Men 35+ & Women 30+). Please enter the grade you feel is most appropriate to your ability. Anyone under the Masters Age categories may be allocated into a separate grade depending on the number of entries.

We encourage you to enter by 5pm Friday 4th so we can publish a startlist. Due to additional health & safety measures we ask that you enter online no later than Saturday 5th, 7pm. We can accept late entries on the day but this will be subject to availabilty.

Entry is free as an open day special. There's a BBQ afterwards + 11th Hour Coffee will be there from 8am.

WMCC has a grading policy that applies to each of its graded road races and handicap road races. If you’re a club member you will be included in the grade assigned to you as per last seasons grading list. If you want to ride above or below your grade, arrive early for the race and talk to the race manager. The race manager must agree to this change and alter the paperwork. Please think carefully about doing this as it can affect the racing experience of others in your grade and the grade you move to. If you do race in a higher or lower grade, your result in that race will not count towards any medals or cups.

If you’re a non-member you can choose which grade to race in. Alternatively, if you’re not sure which grade would suit your ability, you can contact the club handicapper up to three days before the event, or you can talk to the race manager on the day.

 Event information
Sunday, 6 September 2020
Registration is closed
Starts at 9:00 AM
Starts at 10:30 AM
Starts at 10:30 AM
Starts at 10:30 AM
Starts at 10:30 AM
Starts at 10:30 AM

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