20 November 2019 -
4 November 2020
Beginner of Pro, we have something for everyone. Held every second Wednesday, Freyberg Beach, Oriental Parade. Race your heart out, start your training, or challenge yourself and have some fun. We promise you quality, safety and a smile on your face....and you'll be home for tea.

On this page you can register for our series entry that gives you access to all 8 of our races in 2019/20. This year we have moved onto a new entry system where you can change your distance at any point and won't have to line up for registration at all. Just turn up, grab your chip and go. It's that simple. No lines, no fuss, just good old fasioned Splash and Dash fun.

2019/20 Dates

Race One 13th November 2019
Race Two 27th November 2019
Race Three 11th December 2019
Race Four 8th January 2020
Race Five 22nd January 2020
Race Six 5th February 2020
Race Seven 19th February 2020
Race Eight 4th March 2020

Our Swim Run distances for 2019/20 are:

Race One 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 3km Run
Race Two 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 4km Run
Race Three 150m, 400m, 730m, or 1300m Swim, 4km Run
Race Four 150m, 400m, 730m or 1300m Swim, 5km Run
Race Five 150m, 400m, 730m, or 1300m Swim, 3km Run
Race Six 150m, 400m, 730m or 1300m Swim, 4km Run
Race Seven 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 5km Run
Race Eight 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 3km Run

Only the swim distance in bold counts for points in the Series Champion Race.

Open Water Swim

Every night 150m, 400m, 730m, 1300m, 2000m and 2500m (for events 3 & 5) options are available. The Longest distance each night counts toward series points. You must be able to complete a 2000m swim within 45 minutes to enter that event.

 Event information
Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Wednesday, 4 March 2020
Wednesday, 4 November 2020
Freyberg Beach
Wellington, New Zealand
See map below
Registration is closed

Price per participant
Price $99.00 + fee
Fee: $1.00 + 5% per participant

Price per participant
Price $99.00 + fee
Fee: $1.00 + 5% per participant

Price per participant
Price $99.00 + fee
Fee: $1.00 + 5% per participant


Splash and Dash 2019-20 Series Entry

  • Freyberg Beach
  • Wellington
  • New Zealand

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