Pos.Participant Finish time
1William Kelsey1:14:37
2Naomi Ruth Fergusson1:17:21
3Martin Vlnas1:18:08
4Sophie Hogan1:18:53
5Judy Shepherd1:19:23
6Greg Porcer1:22:08
7Danny Eagleton1:22:12
8Jeremy Rimene1:25:41
9Sean Selkirk1:29:03
10Shane Wahl1:29:21
11Robert Christian1:33:22
12Duncan Park1:33:55
13Keith Henderson1:34:13
14Rex Wilson1:35:49
15Vanessa Jenkins1:40:05
16Tinesha Carey1:44:26
17Jack Prichard1:45:08
18Tracy Paul-Utiera1:48:53
19Diane Bell1:49:21
20Jim Cummings1:54:36
21Leeanne Hooper1:55:06
22Sherry Majors1:57:27
23Alex MacGregor1:58:54
24Janneke van Rooijen1:59:38
25Colleen Youngquest2:04:36
-Jeremy Natusch-

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