Pos.Participant Finish time
1Sophie Hogan1:08:22
2Claudia Weidekamm1:09:09
3Tori Bendall1:10:11
4Taima Fagaloa1:16:30
5Catherine Pardey1:16:38
6Ginny Mowat1:17:23
7Lou Corkery1:21:29
8Catherine Wedd1:22:13
9Hannah Bunny1:23:07
10Katie Edmead1:23:17
11Alison Price1:25:01
12Melissa Johnson1:30:10
13Winifred Hide1:30:13
14Hannah Lloyd1:30:43
15Vicki Fuhrer1:31:34
16Sherry Majors1:32:38
17Helena Watts1:33:22
18Karen Taotahi1:34:22
19Tracy Paul-Utiera1:35:12
20Jen Robin-Middleton1:35:35
21Kiri Evans1:38:08
22Colleen Youngquest1:48:34
23Miranda Lindsay1:55:11
24Tina Fagaloa2:06:31
25Sarla Barton2:06:33

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