Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Finish time Participant
1:59:28.00Alister Rhodes
1:47:38.00Reg Robinson
1:41:39.29Tony Evans
1:38:18.61Brendan Bateup
1:36:07.93John Rowlinson
1:44:30.79Murray Peebles
1:31:27.37Michael Burrowes
1:31:15.73Danielle Thorne
1:31:15.50Doug Barrett
1:31:14.96Ian Fraser
1:26:38.23Chris Booth
1:20:19.65Brad Anderson
1:20:14.51Aaron Ollswang
1:20:12.89Grant Ching
1:20:12.35Brittany Dykes
1:24:43.73Matthew Stevens
1:24:37.43Hubertus Buyck
1:18:32.17Judy Cheng
1:18:30.88Jeremy Howe
1:18:29.89Alessandro Contessi