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Make timing easy with the TridentResults App Timing.

With the help of the TridentResults App Timing, as an organizer, you have the opportunity to time your own events, where traditional chip timing is usually too costly for the amount of competitors you have. Timing takes place via an App for iPhone or Android, where you can enter the race number of the participants and this sends the time live to the web.

The administration module

The Timing App is synchronized with the participant list from the event registration page at All entries are made over the Trident Results sign up page, where the race organizer gets administrator rights to the registration page management module.

The administration module allows the organizers to manage a lot of features around the signup page, such as entering free signups, searching participants, viewing finances, and more.

In the administration module, it is also possible to search and correct in the times entered via the Timing App. All participants times can be seen by searching for each participant's race number. Either Under App Live Timing, or Search Edit Athletes


Live Results

Each time a participant's race number is entered into the Timing App, the result will be displayed a few seconds later in the "live" results of the event. If the phone is not on the internet or 3G network, the times are stored in the Timing App and added to the results list when the phone is re-connected to the Internet. The "live" results can be followed by spectators and relatives throughout the event



For an Example click here


To view the Timing App Manual click here



TridentResults App Timing downloads via iTunes store and Google Play, Search ” TridentResults App Timing ”


Featured Screenshots

Log in Home Page.

Entering start numbers. Top line shows which measurement point, current start number you enter, as well as the last one you entered.

"Waves" Below the official start times for each distance are set when the race is started.

"Times" Overview of times measured through the App. It is possible to correct, add and delete times if you have made an error.

"Settings" Change timing point to enter new times on the participants. Used frequently at Triathlon.


Added Features

  • Set common start time for the entire race or a certain distance.
  • Set measurement point, number of digits in the starting number, etc.
  • See which phone has added the different times to the server.
  • + Much More

Log in codes, guides and instructions for racing are available from Trident Results Support.


For more information contact [email protected]