Pos.Finish time Participant
13:15Noah Andrewartha
23:17Zak Gudsell
33:20Keaton Joynes
43:27Alex Twiggins
54:07Roman Dallas George
64:10Levi Seymour
74:13Jasper McKay Pickup
84:18Jack Gardner
94:20Quin Mitchell
104:22Lana de Boer
114:24Juliet Street
124:27Luca Klafke
134:34Ben Bryant
144:36Genevieve Taylor
154:51Frances Williams
164:54Cooper Hill
175:13George Krause
185:16Indy Gudsell
195:23Zac Twiggins
205:27Aiden Harris
215:30Felicity Fisher
225:33Delilah Williams
235:46Eva Holmes
245:58Georgie Street
256:16Jesse Honeysett
266:59Luca Mason
277:12Mila de Boer
287:25Lucy Harris

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