Tri HB Virtual Duathlon event

Tri HB Virtual Duathlon event

11 April 2020 -
13 April 2020



Virtual Duathlon

Like you, we are all active people who spend most of our time outdoors. Obviously we are as distressed as everyone else about the current situation, but we want to try and make a small difference for people. We may not have any events to time or deliver but there is still a whole community of active people who will be wanting to chat, adapt and continue to keep as fit and healthy as possible through this right now.

So, with this in mind, here is our new Tri HB Virtual Duathlon  offering three different distances:
Short Course Duathlon Middle Course Duathlon Long Course Duathlon
2km Run
14km Cycle
2km Run
4km Run
21km Cycle
2km Run
4km Run
21km Cycle
4km Run

So, how does this work?

Well, you register and once completed, follow the instructions detailed in your receipt to upload your own results and pictures and see how you rank! If you decide to do the event again over the qualifying period to beat your own times, feel free to go back in and edit the results you uploaded - you have until the 11.59pm 12th April to do so. 

When does the event start? How long have I got to do it?
Virtual events flexible but do have the specified time to do the event and upload all results. For example if the event starts at 7am on April 11th and finishes at 11.59pm April 12th you have the oppurtunity to do the event and upload results anytime during this period. Registration will also close after the event has started at a specific time because you are doing the event yourself there is no specific time for you to start, if you want a sleep in or you have to work around other commitments it is all possible as long as you do the event during the specified time. 

Please note- All the virtual events will have a start time which means you cannot upload any results before this time.

What equipment do I need?
The results platform is simple and designed for you to enter your own results for whatever discipline you are doing, it's that easy! You can use your smart watches (Garmin, Polar etc) or simply just download a free app such as map Strava onto your phone and you are good to go. There are many different ways to record your activity either the traditional way or via smart trainers, treadmills and other accounts such as zwift. All we require in the results is a photo, maybe a screen shot of the activity from the device uploaded of the activity in the section provided during the results process. If you are doing a multisport event it is preferred to have the photo showing a block section (all completed distances at once).
We all know the current pandemic is a worrying situation and can be overwhelming, so to keep spirits up and our minds and bodies healthy, we encourage you to get out every day for your exercise during the lockdown period!

Keep up to date with all the recent goings on in the Tri HB events by joining our Triathlon Hawke's Bay Facebook Group. 
Keep an eye on our Facebook channels for new challenges, possibly some added prizes in there too!

Under the current situation with lockdown and requirements with social distancing. Triathlon Hawke's Bay promotes an active lifestyle and participation in virtual events but all recommendations and guidelines in regards to the pandemic must be meet at all times throughout your Virtual event. Triathlon Hawke's Bay encourages social distancing and exercising in your own neighbourhoods (bubbles).
For more information in regards to the recommendations for COVID-19 please click on the image below

Event costs
Currently there is no charge for this event if you are a member of Tri HB or a member of  Triathlon New Zealand TRIBE. If you are not a current member you will require a Tri NZ license to participate which is $5.15 including admin fee


You will be asked for your current Tri HB or Tri NZ(TRIBE) membership number during the online registration process. If you are not a current member this will add $5 + (3% online Fee) for the one day for the Tri NZ license onto your order. If you wish to become a member before entering please CLICK HERE

Event Times

Registration closes : 6pm 12th April 2020 
Start time: 7.00am 11th April 2020
Finish Tiime: 11.59pm 12th April 2020 (results to be uploaded)

Event Venue: In your own bubbles in your communities
All registrations are online only and close Sunday 6pm. 

 Event information
Saturday, 11 April 2020
Sunday, 12 April 2020
Monday, 13 April 2020
New Zealand
New Zealand
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