HBMCC 2017 2 Hour MX Series Round 1

Information and registration

9 April 2017


Round 1 – 9th April, Chambers Property - Waikoau Village, approx 800 Waikoau Road, Tutira

Round 2 – 7th May, 

Round 3 - 4th June, Whakamarumaru Station, 1910 Matapiro Road, Crownthorpe

* Round 2 property to be confirmed, please follow us on Facebook and our website for more information and updates.

MNZ LICENCE REQUIRED - Available for purchase in shopping Cart


Classes and Entry Fees

Senior Ironman A Grade $30.00
Senior Ironman B Grade $30.00
Vets 40+ Ironman $30.00
Senior Teams (2 riders, 1 bike) $40.00
Junior 125/250 $30.00
Junior 85 $30.00

Enter online and get a $5 Discount.


Shop Items

MNZ Day licence available - $25

HBMCC Transponder Compulsory - Purchase $20


Notes and Times

The series will be run under MNZ Permits and will be held in accordance with MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport along with these Supplementary Regulations:

Riders 15 years and over are able to ride up but they are only permitted to participate in one event i.e. either the Junior event OR the Senior event – NOT BOTH

Riders must hold a current MNZ Licence and must present that licence along with a current club membership at sign in OR purchase a one event licence for $25.00 (includes day club membership)

All riders are to be at briefing not just parents as per rule 6.4

You can only refuel in the pits.

You can only use one bike. NO Swapping.

If you have a mechanical issue (i.e. run out of fuel on the track) and you can not push your bike back to the pits by yourself along the course then you will loose a lap.

Trophies for 1st to 3rd 


Juniors   Sign In   8.30am – 9.30am / Briefing 9.45am / Start 10.am / Race 1.5 hours

Seniors   Sign In  10.30am - 11.30am / Briefing 11.45am / Start 12.00pm / Race 2 hours



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Sunday, 9 April 2017
Waikoau Village, Waikoau Road, Tutira

New Zealand
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